EPP Service Company is an EPP affiliate that provides asset management and operating services for EPP’s portfolio projects. The business was formed at the time of EPP’s acquisition of PPL Corp’s renewable energy projects and team, and currently stands at 90 employees with utility backgrounds and substantial engineering experience.

EPP believes that EPP Service Company represents a leading operations and engineering business that provides a level of technical expertise and operational control that is unique among private investment funds.  EPP Service Company promotes a safe and environmentally responsible work environment while seeking to maximize facility uptime, achieve operational synergies, strengthen customer relationships, and execute on asset optimization opportunities.

Additional highlights of EPP Service Company’s experience include:

  • Backgrounds in the utility, energy, renewable, waste management and engine equipment industries including: 33 projects executed; 20 awards from various governmental and industry organizations; $21 million in project grants
  • Team is tasked with managing the entire project cycle, including but not limited to project operations and budgeting; negotiating new projects, redevelopment of existing projects; growth through acquisitions; expanding existing customer relationships; selling to commercial customers, public entities and utilities
  • Employment of a broad range of technologies including engines, microturbines, fuel cells, wind turbines and solar photovoltaics
  • Experience with many fuel sources including landfill gas, digester gas, natural gas, diesel, wind, sun, biomass