Founded in 2009, Energy Power Partners (“EPP”) is a private market fund manager making long-term equity investments in U.S. and Canadian renewable energy and distributed generation projects. The firm targets assets that have predictable cash flows, utilize proven technologies, and have asset optimization potential, and has acquired and developed a portfolio of biogas, solar, wind, and cogeneration facilities in line with that strategy.

EPP’s organization combines a veteran investment team that has been financing clean energy projects for decades, with an equally experienced operations team that manages all aspects of the energy project life cycle. Together, EPP’s team works to source, execute, and manage unique investments that offer limited partners an attractive risk-return profile, access to the growing renewable energy market, and the opportunity to make a positive environmental impact.


EPP’s five partners have a proven history of working together, and over 150 years of aggregate energy experience.

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EPP’s portfolio illustrates the firm’s consistent commitment to pursuing long-term assets supported by strong contracts.

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EPP’s 50 member operations team specializes in post-investment asset management and optimization.

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